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Gemini Loan Process
Gemini Funding is a direct lender, not a broker. When you apply for a loan we will underwrite and fund your loan in house, thus enabling us to provide quick and reliable decision to approve your loan.
Our straight forward and simple loan process was born from our personal frustrations with the traditional loan process and cater our programs to real estate investors whose continued success is dependent upon reliable and quick funding.


Step 1 – Initial Contact

Please fill out our pre-approval form

To get started simply fill out the pre-approval form and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours. After a brief call we will immediately assess whether the proposed loan conforms to our lending requirements. Please be prepared to discuss the following:

  • Property as-is
  • After Repair Value
  • Deal economics
  • Renovation plan
  • Borrower experience level
  • Loan exit strategy (i.e. sale or refinance)
  • Anticipated payoff timeframe

If your unique situation requires a more immediate response, please call us at 201-905-5639.

Step 2 – Choose a Loan Program

Move forward with one of our loan programs that best fits your project

After we’ve decided to move forward, you will let us know which one of our loan programs would make the most sense for your current project. Choose from a traditional fix & flip loan for a quick renovation or, ask about our exclusive Gemini Max loan. Our Gemini Max loan is designed to increase your overall loan to value when the property is complete so you can easily move on to your next project.

Step 3 – Underwriting

The behind the scenes between loan approval and closing

If our initial discussion results in a fit for one of our lending programs, we will proceed to a formal underwriting at which time the borrower will be asked to provide more detailed information including:

  • Complete and signed loan application
  • Executed property purchase contract and addendums
  • Written renovation/construction scope of work
  • borrowing entity name and formation date. Note: All loans must be made to a business entity such as an LLC, Corporation or Partnership. Unfortunately, we do NOT lend to homeowners or other owner/occupants.
  • borrower real estate investment experience
  • summary financial information such as credit score, income and liquidity levels.

We know that speed is the key in your business and that time is money. At Gemini our goal is to proceed as quickly as we can for you.
Once we have reviewed all of the required information and we have approved your loan, we will issue a formal term sheet outlining the specific terms of the loan including the interest rate, points, maturity date, construction and draw requirements.

Step 4 – Appraisal

Schedule an appraisal for your property

After we have issued you a formal term sheet, we will schedule an appraisal of the property in its as-is condition as well as after renovations based on the scope of work provided by you.

Step 5 – Closing

The last step! You’re done!

Upon receipt of the following information:

  • satisfactory appraisal
  • acceptable title policy
  • property insurance policy
  • environmental search (if necessary)